18 Apr 2014

Spring Nails

Friday nights often are my mani-pedi nights as I often just come home after work while Joe is out so I get the house all to myself and can watch TV during my beauty sessions. Last Friday I thought it was time to ditch the dark shades and go with something a little more colourful since we've been having the most gorgeous Spring weather. I decided for a dark pink on my finger nails (Watermelon) and a light pink on my feet (Lovie Dovie). Very happy with the combination! Let's see what takes my fancy next time.

17 Apr 2014

Easigrass™ Balcony

Last weekend we finally got started upgrading our balcony. For the last 2 years it was nothing but a grey metal grid with railings - boring and even scary for some (you could look down a dozen stories) - and we've not really been using the space at all. Joe first suggested to lay grass on the balcony about half a year ago and after some research he came across Easigrass™. After inspecting the samples at John Lewis, we decided to go with the Easi-Chelsea Super Soft as it was by far the softest and looked great (after all it "was awarded a GOLD MEDAL due to its realistic properties and amazing feel" at the Chelsea Flower Show). It took us about half the day to install everything but the results are great! Suddenly the balcony feels like an additional room, you can walk and lie down on it comfortably and when the sun shines it even warms up.

16 Apr 2014


All photos here.
There are only few things which I find truly breathtaking (at least of what I know) but infinity pools like the above with their amazing views and scenery are definitely one of them. Unfortunately I have not yet had the pleasure of staying somewhere where there was one of these beauties but I rather hope that one day I will. Ideally it'll be on a vacation somewhere far away with turquoise water and green nature all around and I won't have to share it with anyone but Joe (at this point you could have heard me sighing...).

15 Apr 2014

City Bags

1 Topshop £30 // 2 Asos £38 // 3 Next £28 // 4 Zara 69.99 // 5 Accessorize £29 // 6 Next £28
When you go on holiday somewhere and know that there'll be quite a lot of sightseeing on the itinerary, you should always plan to pack a bag which will hold all of the crap you're going to carry around (travel guide, camera, bottle of water, sunscreen etc), which will leave you hands free in case you need to get more involved but which will maintain a certain level of style with a variety of outfits. Luckily there are hundreds of pretty rucksacks around at the moment and SS14 has seen a huge revival of the duffle / bucket bag so there's plenty of those to choose from as well. If you are on a bit of a budget (because you are obviously saving up for your holiday spending allowance) the above 6 will offer excellent choices in a variety of great colourways.

14 Apr 2014

Summer Neutrals

Sources to all photos here.
In the winter I almost exclusively only wear black, grey and burgundy. During the summer, however, I always try and completely avoid those colours and shop for pink, white, shades of green and navy instead. Last weekend I got carried away pinning outfits with neutral summer colours (light grey, beige, white and kakhi) and found some great outfits which, despite their lightness, could also keep you warm on a slightly colder spring day. I love how the yellow skirt on the top left adds a pop of colour to the otherwise nude outfit or how the girl in the middle added metallic heels to her look.  The nude Mansur Gavriel bucket bag looks awesome and probably goes with every single outfit, no matter what kind of occasion, colour combination or time of day.

11 Apr 2014

Swatch Watch

Last month I totally surprised myself by buying a new watch. I had spotted the Zebratian by Swatch in Marie Claire magazine and instantly loved the b/w patterns. My first "cool" watch was a Swatch Watch, too, and although it took me a while digging through their  archives, I even managed to find it here. I got the watch when I was about 10 and never stopped wearing it. Even after a strap change, it stayed on until the age of about 17. After that I got a couple of "grown-up" watches from Armani and Tissot. 10 years on and I am back to a fun Swatch Watch. I haven't been wearing it every day but I love it with a variety of very different outfits.

10 Apr 2014

Things to Try

I haven't been able to bake anything in ages, mainly due to my lack of time and constant fatigue but I've still been browsing Pinterest and found some great ideas for things to make in the future. Particularly the Creme Brulée Cheesecake Bars sound and look delicious (I am a huge fan on Creme Brulée)!!