17 Aug 2011

Everything started in 2006...

This kitchen gear always reminds me of my lovely au pair family.
… when I left school and my parents’ house for the first time. Although I had originally planned to go studying straight away, I decided to take a different route into my new “grown-up” life. My long-term highschool boyfriend and I had split up a few months before I finished my A-Levels and this was the kind of kick I needed to decide a gap year would actually suit me much more than jumping from school right into university. Working as an Au Pair for a year seemed a great choice because not only do you neither have to pay any rent nor spend any money of groceries shopping, but you also got paid for looking after kids which I am used to (thanks to my 2 little brothers) anyway. I started working for a lovely English-French family with 2 girls who lived in the very heart of London and I instantly fell in love with everything about the city and knew this was where I wanted to live and work myself one day. It didn’t take me long to get used to the buzz of London and I had the time of my life and met the love of my life. Once the year was over, I went back to Germany to study at the University of Mainz where I graduated with a Master’s degree 5 years later. Being away from my boyfriend for that long, having to explain to people that a long distance relationship can actually work and that I was definitely going to move over to London afterwards (no matter what) cost a lot of energy and strength but it was totally worth it. I am now living in a beautiful apartment in central London with my lovely boyfriend Joe and actually managed to get a decent job and a couple of promotions relatively quickly. I couldn’t be happier! If anyone ever wonders if a gap year is the right thing to do, I can only say “Yes, definitely!” It allowed me to grow up a little before uni, I am now a fluent and accent-free in the English laguage and I have met some great people including Joe.

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