8 Dec 2011

Happy New Year

Ooooo it's going to be fireworks and sparkly wine again very soon, so I thought I might tell you about those wonderful champagne flutes I saw on a recent episode of Gossip Girl (yes, I'm watching it). My complex internet search revealed that the glasses are by Crate&Barrel and that there are 3 different types in the Edge Wine Glasses collection. 

Picture by Crate&Barrel
My boyfriend has recently been to the US and purchased the white wine version *can't wait to see them in real* but I am also in favour of getting those lovely flutes one day. How lucky that they ship to Europe too!! Well, I'm up to my ears in writing my thesis so you will only hear from me again next year. Happy New Year's!!! xx

PS: I went to see New Year's Eve in the cinema (now I probably established myself as the total non-film-pro) and they too, used these lovely champagne flutes on their New Year's party. I knew the glasses had great potential ;)

1 Dec 2011

Christmas Window

Oh my, time is running so fast and now this year is almost over again. I haven't even been able to purchase Christmas presents yet (master thesis, you meany!!), however, I did find the time to decorate my room a little bit to get into this cosy December feeling that I love so much. Unfortunately, I got the idea for the fabric-part of my decorations from a book, Tilda's Winterwelt, and cannot share the instructions with you. What I can share though, are the pictures of my little winter world.

With 5 different kinds of patterned fabric (mostly from Tilda, via Panduro Hobby, too) I sewed A LOT of apples and put them all on a piece of string. Combined with my chain of lights and the stars on the window, it all looks very lovely indeed. Here a close-up of the apples:

Speaking of apples, Bratapfel is a very yummy German Christmas dessert and not even that hard to make. It's basically apples stuffed with almonds, raisins, spices and marzipan. Recipes can be found aplenty on the internet. I wish you all a lovely Christmas season with lots of mulled wine and sweets!!!