29 Jan 2012

The Desk Chair Makeover

This is one of my favourite topics because I got my desk chair when I was first sent to school in 1993 and it has never once failed to look gorgeous ever since. The original fabric is a boring blue tweed-like thing, but I asked my mum to cover it up with a cute pink cotton fabric already in its early days with me. Almost ten years later, the pink cover was exchanged for a red one and a few months ago, I changed it, yet again, to the lovely Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Cotton Duck Fabric.

You Need: desk chair, fabric, staple gun, helping hand

Almost every swivel chair can be dismantled completely. First, you simply remove every screw you can see anywhere (don't forget to put them away orderly to avoid confusion when putting it back together). Afterwards and sometimes forcibly, you take the individual pieces apart in order to reach the important hidden bits on the bottom and back. This whole process is a bit of an ordeal and you might want to ask someone to help you with it. 
With regard to the choice of fabric which will eventually cover the chair, you are totally flexible from plain to patchwork and cotton to latex, but I would opt for a rather thick, robust material in order for it to last a while. 
New fabric at hand, you cut out pieces big enough to cover the cushion and still fold around the edges of it easily so that you can later attach it to the bottom without visible remains. Then you have to tightly staple your piece of fabric onto the back of the cushions (both seat and back obviously). My chair had wooden backsides which made the stapling a very easy affair, but if yours should be made of plastic, I would do a little test run, if the staples even stay in place!! Again, ask someone to help you with this procedure because the fabric needs to be thoroughly tightened onto the cushion to avoid a bumpy a flawed finish.
Spray Flower Cotton Duck

Now you screw back the individual parts (if you can still find them) and *tataaa* your desk chair has a totally new appeal to it :) Thanks to the relatively easy procedure, I will probably never get tired of changing my chairs' looks, and, moreover, save money by not having to buy new ones every so often.

Have you ever tried the same? Let me know!! x

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