21 Feb 2012

A Little Arts & Crafts Session

In my last post about the Bake-a-boo you might have noticed this:

Basically, you're looking at 4 mini cupcakes made of coloured felt, stuffed with fiberfill and accessorised with glitter and beads. I actually only really noticed those cute little things after my visit, when I was looking at the pictures of that day. I was completely thrilled with the idea of reproducing them. And here we go:

What you need to do is 1) buy the materials required [obviously], 2) cut out your desired cupcake shapes, 3) glue and sew together the matching bits and pieces without attaching bottoms and tops, 4) now you stuff the little bottoms and tops with fiberfill, 5) stitch together those stuffed bottoms and tops, 6) decorate as you please.
Admittedly, these cuties require a certain amount of arts & crafts skills and can simply drive you mad by being so tiny and difficult to handle. In the end, not a bad effort on my behalf though, hmm? xox

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