26 Feb 2012

My Little Tour Through London

Admittedly, I don't live in London but I wish I would and if things work out fine, I'll be just there in a few months time. However, I have had my share of city experience and I definitely know how to guide my occasional visitor through the English capital without missing the most famous sights around town. I've had 5 years to work on the perfect one-day, absolutely foolproof tour which I'm sharing with you here:

A Buckingham Palace / Changing the Guard
I recommend coming here early-ish. Changing the Guard starts at 11am (every day in the summer in red uniforms and every other day in the winter in grey uniforms) and it is usually very crowded. My favourite viewing position is below the golden Victoria statue. If you go there a bit earlier you can get a pretty photo of Buckingham Palace without the crowds and a first row position to watch the spectacle.
B Trafalgar Square / National Gallery
The National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery are REALLY worth a visit and there are pamphlets which tell you exactly where the most famous pieces are!! 
And just a tip for everyone who isn't used to it: most of the UKs museums offer free admission and only charge for special exhibitions. Feel free to donate some money though as they host some truly amazing pieces of art.
C Downing Street
Boring and nothing to see really.
D Westminster Abbey
Such a famous cathedral and really quite pretty. Walk around it, step inside and move on.
E Houses of Parliament / Big Ben
Not much to say really, just remember to cross over Westminster Bridge next to Big Ben to stick to the tour.
F London Eye
It's quite expensive to go on but also quite nice to get the spectacular view of London from a bird's perspective. Recommended at day and night but make sure the sky is clear!
G Tate Modern / Millennium Bridge
The Tate Modern has some wonderful art to offer and is definitely worth a visit.
Millennium Bridge is funny ;)
H Globe Theatre
I have never been but I have been told it's quite enjoyable depending on the performance.
I City Hall
Another one of the many Norman Foster glass palaces. I have been inside before as part of a college tour, but I don't know if entry is granted to everyone.
J Tower Bridge
Famous landmark, never been inside its 'museum' so I can't tell you what it's like (I'm not that much into slashing out my money for nothing).
K Tower of London
I have been inside this one (on my parents expense) and the jewels are pretty impressive, otherwise it's not really worth the extreme entrance prices. My boyfriend believes they don't even keep the real jewels in there. Well, who knows (except the Queen).
L St. Paul's Cathedral
It's actually quite lovely inside, however, they have started charging for the entrance which I find outrageous for a church that is supposed to offer shelter and room for everyone.
M Piccadilly Circus
Another one of those famous landmarks, I do not really see the reason for its fame though.
N Hyde Park
One of the largest parks in London (arguably not the prettiest) and famous for its Speaker's Corner. In the summer, there's a lot of stuff going on here, and in the winter it hosts London's big kitsch Christmas Market (really only a shallow copy of traditional German markets).

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