15 Feb 2012

Yummy Cupcakes

I am admittedly a huge fan of cupcakes and muffins (if they are of the lovely quality I expect them to be - there's nothing worse than a sickeningly sweet and fatty cupcake that'll just make you feel vomitty after one bite). Primarily, it's all about the flavour - obviously - and I am all for a nice fruity one. Now, I have only just started searching for the best cupcake places in London, but I can already name you 2 which are really worth visiting:

Violet Cakes in Hackney
The actual café is a little off the main road and within quite a residential area. However, the house is very easy to spot as it is a blocky building, standing almost entirely by itself. Once you enter the door, this is where paradise begins with lots of colourful cupcakes, cakes and other baked goods (always according to season so there's no strawberries in winter). You can enjoy your choice with a coffee or tea and there is additional upstairs seating.

Violet Cakes is also represented on the buzzy Broadway Market (open Saturdays) where you can eat yourself through a selection of mini cupcakes for just a pound each. Yum!

Tip: Salted Caramel Cupcake, and currently Red Velvet (that actually is my favourite)

Peyton and Byrne (Bakeries and Cafés)
After an extensive search for a sofa at Heals, I treated myself to a selection of cupcakes from this little place which is situated between Heals and Habitat on Tottenham Court Road. Their range includes not only pretty, colourful fairy cakes, but also other baked goods and mini lunches. This place too, is quite small but the cupcakes are certainly big enough and, after I tried the first one (Raspberry Surprise), I was completely won over. My second choice was a flavoursome chocolate cupcake topped up with a cute candy heart - also incredibly delicious. Next time, I'll try the one which apparently "earned Peyton and Byrne its reputation": Frou Frou. You'll be hearing from me :)

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