9 Mar 2012

DIY Cushions

When I told you about my rocking chair, some of you might have noticed its three matching cushions. In the following, I'll be giving you a short instruction on how to recreate those in 5 quite simple steps...
What you'll need is: cushions fabric, scissors, needles, matching zip, matching thread, sewing machine, optional pompoms, medium sewing needle.

1) Cut out two square pieces of fabric (for example standard cushion size of 45cm x 45cm), but don't forget to add 1cm seam allowance to each side before actually cutting it. 
2) Place the 2 pieces on top of each other (inside out),fixate with needles and sew together 3 of the 4 sides, approximately 1cm off the edge (= seam allowance), to make the insertion of the zip a little easier.
3) Place the zip onto the edge of the open side and mark the beginning and end of it (actual metal zip and not the entire zip frame) and sew together the 4th edge just outside of where the zip will be.
4) Fix the zip onto the assigned hole with needles and sew together the seam allowance of the cushion fabric and the frame of the zip on either side as well as on the back and on top of the cusions (see photos).

Picture by TOPP
Picture by TOPP


I have added little pompoms to my cushions, using 2 different techniques:
5.1) You can insert the pompom string during Step 2, placing it in between the 2 pieces of inside out fabric and then attaching it when you sew them together.
5.2) Or you sew it on manually at the very end, aligning it to the edge of the cushion. This second method shows the string, but I thought it to look a bit nicer and neater. 

Like 5.2
Like 5.1
Like 5.2

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