24 Mar 2012

DIY Neck Roll

Have you ever travelled around and felt really uncomfortable sleeping against a hard window or armrest, waking up with a crampy neck? Well, I have and because I don't like those boring black or grey travel neck rolls I decided to make my own. It is very simple actually. All you need is fabric + matching thread, scissors, sewing machine (or needle)  and fibrefill. And this is how you do it:
1) Get yourself a paper cut-out of what you want your neck roll to look like. Mine is 50cm wide, 35cm deep and each u-end is 19cm wide (see pic #1).
2) Copy the paper model onto the fabric x2 and cut out both of them, leaving 1 cm seam allowance all the way around. To make it a little easier, you can fold your large piece of fabric (inside out), fix it together with needles and copy the paper model onto the folded fabric. That way you'll only have to cut out the whole thing once.
3) Sew together the two inside out pieces, leaving a small opening at the top.
4) Turn the neck roll the right way around (outside out) through the small hole in the top and to stuff it with fibrefill. Mind you, you'll need a lot of the latter to get a plump and comfy neck roll.
5) Sew together the hole in the bottom manually and taadaaaa... You have just made yourself a beautiful DIY neck roll!!!! Mine was such a big success, I had to make another one for my brother ;)
My paper model

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