3 Mar 2012

The Dukan Diet

Yes, I did it. For the first time in my life, I attempted a diet and didn't pull through. I've heard so many good things about the Dukan Diet and how easy it would be to lose weight with it so I bought the book and decided for it to be my number one priority during lent. For all of you who haven't heard of this diet yet, it is basically about eating proteins only for a period of 3-10 days and a second phase of proteins and veg for as long as it is necessary to achieve your weight goal. For 7 days straight, I actually managed to just eat chicken, fish, beef, eggs, 0.1% fat yoghurt and 0.1% fat milk and I did lose quite a bit of weight. However, I started getting very sick of all that protein and had to abort the diet after the 7th day of following the strict dietary rules. 
I sorely missed my daily apple and wholemeal toast for breakfast. I missed spaghetti bolognese and normal tasting milk in my coffee for dinner (I can tell you, 0.1% fat milk tastes so watery, you might as well make your cafĂ© latte with water instead of milk). It is no pleasure. Well, I kept thinking what diet is pleasing? And went on. But as my sickness of proteins increased, my hunger for just a simple apple grew also and so there it is: I failed :(
Essentially, this diet sounds easy and bearable (eat as much as you want as long as you stick to the 72 appointed protein products and you'll be in shape in no time), but I found it hard to deal with the amount of pure protein I've been eating and concluded that it would be better for me to do sports after all and instead of strict dieting. Obviously the right kind and amount of food is important but this diet is more hardcore than it sounds (at least for me). If your experience with Dukan has been a better one or if you share my opinion about a certain amount of protein being too much for the body to deal with, why not share it here :)

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