10 Mar 2012

Eat Pray Love

"Hmmm....", I thought. "If so many people (women!!) love that book, I should give it a go, too." However, I bought it before I had finished writing my thesis and, consequently, it had to wait. On one very lazy eve, I decided to watch the film instead (or first). After the first 20 minutes, I couldn't stand it any more: it bored the hell out of me. 
Anyway, I have actually started reading the book now and got through the first 2 parts (Italy and India), missing only the last one (Indonesia). Generally, the book is entertaining enough although I can see why the film's start is so 'slow'; I recommended it to my mum because I know that she will get more out of it than me. I had bad cravings for pizza, pasta and pastries during the 4 months in Italy, I was reminded back to my exciting holiday in India during the 4 months of the second part; although I am not particularly religious and didn't really get 'enlightened'. Sometimes, the spiritual moments were taking it a bit far, like "oooh I am going to take a vow of silence for the rest of my stay in India but damn, now I am appointed key hostess (= the ashram's socialite) like God wants me to chatter along. Fine!" I am hoping for Indonesia to be more interesting and colourful than India. 
Taking a closer look, I find Elizabeth Gilbert's style of writing a bit 'simple', her attempts at imitating Italian or Indian accents in English are poor (particularly after having read Zadie Smith and Monica Ali intensively for my thesis), and there are so many repetitions of one and the same thing that I started getting bored more than just once. Eat Pray Love is probably the perfect holiday read because you don't have to concentrate much and it really is entertaining enough. I wonder what my mum will think of the book and I will definitely get back to you maybe with an opinion from her as well as my final evaluation after Indonesia. xox

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