27 Mar 2012

Finishing Eat Pray Love

I finished reading Eat, Pray, Love a little while ago *here* and thought I should tell you about my final evaluation. To sum up my first impression: I liked the first part of the book, which is set in Italy although the introduction was quite long and very repetitive. The second part is set in India and was not particularly enjoyable (in my opinion); I kind of dragged myself through it because everything was far too oh-what-a-coincidence-like and too spiritual in a cheesy way. I wanted to be in Italy quite badly during #1, but not at all in India during #2 (although I got myself a bad stomach bug in India in 2011 and this might be negatively related to my impression of the book, who knows?!). Admittedly, the third and last part which is set in Indonesia was relatively good again though perhaps a bit shallow. I believe that I may be outside of this novel's target group and that it is rather aimed at slightly older women in their 30s/40s. My mum has started reading it too, and has agreed with me on the slow moving first half. I don't know about her final opinion on it, but I am willing to update my post once she's updated me :) xox

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