22 Mar 2012

Frou Frou

I have told you about my experience with Peyton & Byrne previously here and I promised I would get back to you with a post about the allegedly most famous P&B cupcake: the Frou Frou. Well, I usually keep my promises so here we go, I went back to one of their bakeries and got me a Frou Frou; my boyfriend opted for the Lemon Meringue cupcake.
"This flamboyant fairy cake marries tart raspberries and sweet coconut to perfection" and I have to admit it looks impressively delicious. However, I am not impressed with the flavour. The icing is relatively neutral (mainly just sweet) and the coconut is quite subtle despite the generous decoration. The cake is nice but pretty solid and not fluffy enough for my liking; it has small bits of raspberries in which is nice.
I only had a mini bite of the Lemon Meringue, but I didn't like it particularly; partly because I am not a fan of lemon sponge and also because I don't need meringue to be anywhere else than in an Eton Mess. The meringue is quite soft, almost like a marshmallow. The cake bottom, however, is fluffy, moist and quite nice.

My conclusion is that the "famous" Frou Frou is neither as good as the Raspberry Surprise nor as the chocolate one from my previous post, but I guess it's not a science and everyone has different favourites and likes :) xox

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