27 Mar 2012

Garnier BB Blemish Balm

I bought this award winning blemish balm a few days ago and have been trying it out since. I love it! Absolutely easy to apply, makes the skin glow and feel fresh all day long. I will update you with photos of me trying the product soon!! 

The Marie Claire awarded the Garnier BB Skin Miracle Perfector with the Prix d'Excellence de la BeautĂ© 2012 and they told me that:

Blemish Balms (BBs) have been a beauty secret in south-east Asia since the 1950s. This year, Garnier's trailblazing cream was the first to hit Blighty. Providing lightweight, mineral coverage, it also has the benefits of high-performance skincare as it's formulated with ingredients such as antioxidants, caffeine, hyaluronic acid and an SPF15.

It retails at under ₤8 in regular high street drugstores and it has got its own little internet presentation: http://www.garnier.co.uk/_en/_gb/BB-cream/index.aspx 

Mind you!!! You can get a free sample pack if you register online (there are 230,000 sample packs for UK and Ireland residents so hurry to get yours!).

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