4 Mar 2012

My roomy: Alexis...

The last time I moved house, I had to seriously reduce my originally massive PAX wardrobe (many thanks to Ikea for the cool online wardrobe planner) and was left with no room for all my pretty dresses. Without further ado, I decided to buy a moveable clothes rail and searched the internet for a decent AND affordable one because - believe me -  there's nothing worse than a wobbly rail which collapses every time u put a new hanger on it (and price does matter when it comes to rail shopping). After a while, I found Alexis and quickly she became my new beloved roomy. She is not only very sturdy but also good looking and has room for shoes, too. Alexis comes in 2 sizes; below u can see a few pics of the large version (W110 x H145 x D51 cm).

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