26 Mar 2012

Spring Window #1

If you're just as happy about that gorgeous sunny weather as I am, you are probably thinking about how to decorate your windows spring-like. Last weekend, I made these stuffed birds for my mum (see below) and now they are hanging off her windows, making the lot look way more colourful and friendly. The good thing is that those mini birds are super easy to make. You need a paper model of whatever shape you want your stuffy decoration to be in (birds, hearts, flowers, eggs and so on) and copy it onto different kinds of fabric, sew together the pieces leaving a hole somewhere to turn the thing and to stuff it with fibrefill, sew together the hole and you're done. Easy. Models can be found via google images searching your desired item with the appendix 'silhouette' or 'sketch' or 'clip art'. Always works for me :) xox

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