30 Apr 2012

Top 3 Olympic Picks

Being German with an English boyfriend isn't always easy (he suffered A LOT when Germany beat England in the 2012 FIFA World Cup) but there are also plus sides: I get to wear some of the lovely Team GB items while in London during the Olympics 2012 (and he will have another team to cheer for when we kick the Lions out again in the 2012 UEFA Euro *secretly chuckling*). And the following 3 pieces made my Olympic fan wardrobe:

French Connection Olympic Giggle Wiggle Bikini top and bottoms via asos. My Hampstead Heath Outfit #1!! Go Team GB!!
Large Team GB Official Olympic Scarf via Next. Wear around ur neack, waist, or on ur head for Team GB support!
London 2012 Union Jack t-shirt via the London 2012 Shop. Paired with denim shorts and plimsoles = perfect summer outfit.

29 Apr 2012

Cute as a Button

... is the second shade of essie nail varnish that I can call me own. I mixed it with Watermelon to match my Topshop ballerinas (the ultimate coordinating accessories - I literally nailed it). I have to say I am super happy with the colours and the wide brushes essie provides me with, and I now plan to exchange all of my mediocre nail colours with quality essie shades. Bad for my purse, good for me :)

27 Apr 2012

She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

Today I'm introducing you to my darling Claudia Bradby bracelet. I actually got it a while ago but haven't really worn it that much yet. It is a mixture between the Everyday Pink Pearl Bracelet and the Heart Charm on Pearls. I love how the pearls are not all homogeneous but slightly differently sized and shaped. One day I might have the heart charm engraved but I haven't quite made up my mind yet about what that will be yet.

26 Apr 2012

To Be or Not To Be

... that is the question. Yes, I have finally read Shakespeare and I am really into it. Who would've thought that after 7 years of English at school, 1 year living in London and 5 years of studying English at university, I have never managed to read this greatest of all English playwrights?! Well, this pathetic state of literary knowledge has officially changed. The 2 comedies and 2 tragedies I read are displayed below, the overall winner was awarded a crown (see pic #3). 

25 Apr 2012

DIY Sleeping Mask

I have just recently made a sleeping mask to match my DIY neck roll from this previous post and I wanted to share it with u. It wasn't the easiest piece I have ever made but it is definitely manageable even for beginners.
What u'll need:
sewing machine, fabric, matching thread, interfacing, fancy elastic band (easier than trying to sew the elastic into a fabric tunnel. Gosh, that was a bit of a nightmare!!)
And this is how it works:
1) Create your pattern by drawing it onto a piece of paper first. Mine measures approximately 21 cm from left to right and 8 cm from top to bottom (about 10 cm from top to bottom where it covers my eyes). See pic #3.
2) Copy the pattern onto your fabric x 2 and cut the pieces out (remember to leave a seam allowance of about 1 cm). Repeat this step with the interfacing (minus seam allowance) and iron it onto the reverse side of both pieces of fabric.
3) Ur next step is to plan for the elastic. Place the 2 fabric+interfacing pieces on top of each other (interfacing out) and place the elastic in the middle. You'll need approximately 35 cm of rubber band to join the 2 sides of the mask around ur head. Place the band in between the 2 mask pieces and needle it to the sides (just casually using 'needle' as a verb J). I attached it pretty much exactly in the middle of the mask sides.
4) Now sew together the 2 pieces along the seam allowance, including the elastic. Leave open a hole on the top which will be used to turn the mask inside out (or: the right way around), which is also the next step.
5) Lastly, sew together the hole on the top manually and now all that is left to do is to sleep tight J

24 Apr 2012

Yummy Strawberries

Last weekend I had my first 2012 strawberries (they must have been genetically manipulated cause they were massive, but what the heck). This means I am now officially looking forward to summer. So many changes coming along, so many new beginnings. Let's hope it'll be just as great as I imagine :) xox

Strawberry coloured ballerinas by Topshop.

23 Apr 2012

Beautiful Bows

These beautiful bow & pearl necklace and earrings were given to me by my Mum for Christmas. Admittedly, I gave her the hint but I was still over the moon when I found these under the Christmas tree (that's where we put our presents in Germany - we don't have stockings). Both the necklace and the earrings are of the pink Moulin Rouge range by Arena Copenhagen, and are made of gold plated silver with a rose coloured opal. I absolutely adore the design and make and I already singled out new favourites on their website. 

21 Apr 2012

"A Girl Should Be 2 Things: Classy and Fabulous." ...

... Coco Chanel. I really try to live up to these expectations, but to make it a little easier I have started reading up on the world's most wonderful fashion designer ever. Such a wonderful book!

20 Apr 2012

Pari(mpression)s . . .

Oooo I love Paris!!! I was just browsing the photo collection of when my boyfriend and I travelled there via the Euro Star from KX to Gare du Nord during the icy cold of February 2012 and I just loved looking at all of those fond memories again. Here are some Parimpressions for u to get inspired, too.

PS: It seems I chose my winter accessories to match the attractions - well done me!!

19 Apr 2012

A Laughter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away ...

... or something like that ;) Well, Mark Haddon's novels surely make me laugh a lot and the fact that laughing feels good and makes one happy is proven, right!? All three novels are written, on the one hand, in a slightly childish and na├»ve way (particularly Boom!) but, on the other hand, they are so hilarious and comical that it makes me smile, giggle or even laugh out loud (which is slightly weird if ur on a bus or anywhere else public). The photos below represent the order in which I like them best and in which I have read them. For more info read each one's blurb on amazon!! 

Oh So Fresh !!

Daisy so fresh ad campaign
I'm not really a perfume fan and I really only wear it for when I go out or on special occasions. For years, I have been using Gucci Eau de Parfum II as my only go-to fragrance. The bottle is nearing its end though and I have decided to replace it with a different one. Little-me went on the huge quest of finding the new perfect perfume and that really turned out to be a bit of a mission. I'm the kind of person who judges by the bottle and if I don't like that, the precious liquid has no chance of winning me over. This has made it even harder to find an acceptable fragrance. Along the way, I discovered a straying Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum in my parents' bathroom (no one knew where it had come from) and I took it in. However, it is a little rich and heavy for me and I only use Chance on VERY special occasions. However, I have now also been successful in finding the proper perfume match for me: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette and Marc Jacobs Daisy so Fresh Eau de Toilette. Due to some financial issues (I never seem to know where my earnings go), I have decided to put the Coco Mademoiselle on my birthday wishlist and only ordered the Daisy so Fresh (online voucher *yay*) and it has now finally arrived. I love the fresh and fruity fragrance of 'crisp raspberry' at the top, 'sensuous wild rose' in the middle and 'deep and warm plum' as the base (see website). The cherry on top - or perhaps the daisy on top - is the total cuteness of the bottle. Can't stop looking at it :D Word is that with the gift set you don't only get the large 75ml Eau de Toilette and a 100ml body lotion but also a tiny 4ml pocket bottle of the fragrance. What more could u want??!

18 Apr 2012

Oh My Tie !

For his birthday, my boyfriend got this little extra for his wardrobe from me because I couldn't bear the state of his ties any more. Before, he had kept them on a regular clothes hanger, all squished together and with one or two usually on the verge of falling off. Ties are very delicate little accessories (made of silk, remember!). Although some men moan about feeling tied up when they wear them, I do occasionally quite like a tie on a man; after all, us girls don't wear high heels because they are so comfy, right?! I got this tie rack from an online shop called Torquato who don't only offer wardrobe storage solutions but also lots of other lovely things. 

17 Apr 2012

Yummy Watermelon

Pic by Donuts  & Watermelon
I bought my first essie nail varnish the other day and as you an guess from the title it is #27 Watermelon. The colour is a wonderfully pinky red and it was sufficient to apply only one coat for full coverage. I can absolutely recommend it! I think I am going to invest more in essie nail varnishes because I am super happy with the one I've got now and I love the wide brush. I will also look into their nail care products as I have experienced brittle, splitting nails lately from changing my nail varnish too often :( I was thinking about nourish me or / and rock solid to get my nails back to their original strength. Do you have any essie nail colours that look particularly lovely? Can u recommend the nail care products? Let me know! xox