25 Apr 2012

DIY Sleeping Mask

I have just recently made a sleeping mask to match my DIY neck roll from this previous post and I wanted to share it with u. It wasn't the easiest piece I have ever made but it is definitely manageable even for beginners.
What u'll need:
sewing machine, fabric, matching thread, interfacing, fancy elastic band (easier than trying to sew the elastic into a fabric tunnel. Gosh, that was a bit of a nightmare!!)
And this is how it works:
1) Create your pattern by drawing it onto a piece of paper first. Mine measures approximately 21 cm from left to right and 8 cm from top to bottom (about 10 cm from top to bottom where it covers my eyes). See pic #3.
2) Copy the pattern onto your fabric x 2 and cut the pieces out (remember to leave a seam allowance of about 1 cm). Repeat this step with the interfacing (minus seam allowance) and iron it onto the reverse side of both pieces of fabric.
3) Ur next step is to plan for the elastic. Place the 2 fabric+interfacing pieces on top of each other (interfacing out) and place the elastic in the middle. You'll need approximately 35 cm of rubber band to join the 2 sides of the mask around ur head. Place the band in between the 2 mask pieces and needle it to the sides (just casually using 'needle' as a verb J). I attached it pretty much exactly in the middle of the mask sides.
4) Now sew together the 2 pieces along the seam allowance, including the elastic. Leave open a hole on the top which will be used to turn the mask inside out (or: the right way around), which is also the next step.
5) Lastly, sew together the hole on the top manually and now all that is left to do is to sleep tight J

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