15 Apr 2012

Look What Arrived in the Post!!!

I said I would and I couldn't resist; I ordered the Bake-a-Boo Bakery Cookbook and it finally arrived, including a plethora of cakes I want to make. Loving the layout, too! And it is on offer for only ₤9.74 (see link) which is a true bargain for a book this cute and wonderful. 
Shame it's going onto summer and I really thought I could get into an acceptable summer shape this year :( Not going to happen with this baking schedule although I might just make those sweet delights, try them and then stuff my friends and flatmates with them. 

The first two cakes I will try out are the Chocolate Raspberry Heart from page 56 (it is also on Boo's blog; see link) and the Red Velvet Sparkle Cake from page 94. Also nice: the Berry Crumble Slices (page 80); total summer go-to.


  1. What I like most about cupcakes is the icing and decorating part. So give it a go and share some lovely pictures with us. I´m told that this is dividing the calories ;o)

  2. Thank you for ur comment, I totally agree! Here are the links to my Guinness and Carrot Cupcakes (although decoration is quite conservative on those):