30 Apr 2012

Top 3 Olympic Picks

Being German with an English boyfriend isn't always easy (he suffered A LOT when Germany beat England in the 2012 FIFA World Cup) but there are also plus sides: I get to wear some of the lovely Team GB items while in London during the Olympics 2012 (and he will have another team to cheer for when we kick the Lions out again in the 2012 UEFA Euro *secretly chuckling*). And the following 3 pieces made my Olympic fan wardrobe:

French Connection Olympic Giggle Wiggle Bikini top and bottoms via asos. My Hampstead Heath Outfit #1!! Go Team GB!!
Large Team GB Official Olympic Scarf via Next. Wear around ur neack, waist, or on ur head for Team GB support!
London 2012 Union Jack t-shirt via the London 2012 Shop. Paired with denim shorts and plimsoles = perfect summer outfit.

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