15 Apr 2012

With a little Esprit

I don't think I have mentioned that I work for Esprit before (if I'm not too busy studying for my master). Noticeably, none of my non-German friends are interested in the brand and it is never mentioned in any non-German magazines that I read. I have never been an Esprit addict myself and before I worked there I hardly owned any of their clothes unless my mum had bought them for me. However, if ur willing to give it a go and rummage around the store for a bit, u will find some hidden gems which are fully capable of competing with Topshop and other popular UK high street shops, particularly the de.corp range is one to look out for. I thought I might give it a go and introduce u to my Top 5 Esprit picks of the (not quite but almost) current season:

Pictures by Esprit.

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