17 Apr 2012

Yummy Watermelon

Pic by Donuts  & Watermelon
I bought my first essie nail varnish the other day and as you an guess from the title it is #27 Watermelon. The colour is a wonderfully pinky red and it was sufficient to apply only one coat for full coverage. I can absolutely recommend it! I think I am going to invest more in essie nail varnishes because I am super happy with the one I've got now and I love the wide brush. I will also look into their nail care products as I have experienced brittle, splitting nails lately from changing my nail varnish too often :( I was thinking about nourish me or / and rock solid to get my nails back to their original strength. Do you have any essie nail colours that look particularly lovely? Can u recommend the nail care products? Let me know! xox

1 comment:

  1. I just love Essie nail polishes! Great pick! They are lovely to apply on your nails and as you said the brush is amazing!
    I like "Chinchilly" a brownish grey and "Cocktail Bling", grey with a touch of light blue.
    I can also recommend the Essie "No chips ahead" which prevents your colour from chipping. :)