12 May 2012

Aren't these Kute..?!

I found these wonderful sandals in the Kurt Geiger Mid Season Sale and had to get them immediately. Only turquoise and pink were in the sale and since I am not a huge fan of turquoise, I opted for the pink ones. The cuties are by Carvela, called Kute (cause they are). Normally they retail at ₤55, I got them 20 quid cheaper which is delightful for my tight student's budget :) 

I am hoping to spend many a sunny summer day with them and enjoy their adorable design and bright colour. At this point I would like to show u photos of what they look like on me, but unfortunately they have had a bit of a (delayed) delivering history and have not yet reached me (I ordered them about a month ago). Well, u'll get the photos as soon as those lovely sandals are here. Let's hope it won't be long!!!

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