16 May 2012

DIY Canapé Sticks

In only 2 ½ short weeks, the Queen will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee and guess who is very excited about being in London for that weekend!? Me!!! Usually, during an event like that, there are a number of themed BBQ parties and I have started looking for cute party favours to contribute: red velvet cupcakes with white and blue icing, a Union Jack trifle, raspberry-blueberry-custard-tart, blue and red jelly shots... you get the picture. While searching the web for ideas of how to decorate my cupcakes, I continuously stumbled across Union Jack canapé sticks and decided to make them myself. I googled a picture of the Union Jack, copied and pasted it into a word document which I then printed off. Beside from the obvious, you'll need toothpicks, scissors and glue. These canapé sticks are both easy to make and cute to look at!

 The cupcakes to go with these will follow in 2 weeks :)