27 May 2012

DIY Suspended Vase

I live in flat-sharing and in my room, except for the desk, I don't have a proper table or a surface to place a regular vase with flowers. If I do put flowers on my desk, I usually shuffle them around a lot which eventually turns out to be so annoying that I just put them on the floor in a corner somewhere. 

On Cupcakes and Cashmere I discovered another way to decorate my room with flowers without requiring a surfaced storage area. I love the way this hanging vase looks special and creates a kind of vintage-Jane-Austen look. Follow my few simple steps to create your own suspended vase!

You'll need: one piece of wood (mine is 24x20x2cm), an old screw-top jar (usually found with pickles or jam), drill, metal wire & pliers, paint & brush, nail & hammer, water & flowers

1) Paint your piece of wood in the colour of your choosing with a large brush to get a slightly worn, vintage look. No need to be super thorough because it actually looks quite nice if the pattern of the wood is still shimmering through.
2) Allow some time to dry. Now place your screw-top jar on the painted wood, make a mark on either side of it and drill holes; drill two additional holes at the top edge of the wood.
3) Now wrap your wire around the lip of the jar, twist it a couple of times and poke the ends through the drill holes. Secure at the back of the wood by twisting the ends together. Clip the extra wire.
4) Take another piece of wire, poke through the holes at the top edge of the wood, leave a large loop (for hanging) and twist each end around itself a few times.
5) Secure a nail in the wall, hang the vase; add water and flowers.

I still only have my blackberry for photo making - not ideal, I know...

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