5 May 2012

Five Things

... that I would like to have in my office. Admittedly I am a bit of a stationery addict and I love to have a lot of beautiful things around me to write letters, make notes, wrap presents, personalize cards and so on. I do already have a bit of a collection, but I think these 5 items would definitely up the ante :) x
Stationery Set Apple Design by red berry apple to write letters and cards to loved ones.
Mini Bunting Hand Carved Rubber Stamp by Skull and Cross Buns to personalize cards, letters and invitations for the next summer party.
White Love Hearts Brown Gift Wrap Set by Sophia Victoria Joy to wrap lovely presents for special people.
Dotty Ribbons by Jane Means to wrap presents or decorate cards, flower pots and so much more.
Personalized Pink Cakes Notebook by James Ellis to write down everything that's on my mind.
Pictures by notonthehighstreet.com


  1. My problem with cute stationery is that I hardly don´t dare to use it cause it´s gone than ;o) Try to work on that and make the ones I love happy with some letters!

    1. U should! And u'll be surprised how many of ur friends will actually reply to ur letters and cards on stationery similarly adorable as the one u used. Plus, u'll be over the moon to find a friend's letter in ur postbox, much better than the usual bills and adverts. That always makes me happy!