22 May 2012

Happy Kitchen

I love it when a kitchen gradually becomes the home to countless pretty and colourful things. In my opinion, kitchen utensils don't always need to be useful as long as they beautify the overall impression. After all, mini cupcake pots or cute glass containers to hold tea candles won't hurt anyone, will they?! I also like to mix up materials and store my pasta in glass pots with wooden lids and my cereal in old fashioned jars with metal screw tops. Lovely!! Although my collection of cute kitchen gadgets is pretty big already, I am definitely missing these 5 items:

A cake stand + dome would be amazing. 
It doesn't necessarily have to be this one, but I would like an all-glass, plain version.
This set of 6 small bowls is simply too cute to resist. 
Perfect for soufflés, desserts, nibbles and all things small.
On a cold day there is nothing more heart-warming then a cup of tea. 
This tea pot brings the brewing to a whole new level.
Again, this mug is just too cute!!! I cannot resist a sweet little thing like that.
Somehow my collection is missing a proper pitcher
which I consider pathetic because they are always needed.

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