14 May 2012

Summer Colours #1

This year it's all about colour. I'm probably not the only one hoping for a wonderful summer and lots of long days in the park, eating strawberries or enjoying myself at a bbq party with lots of Pimms and home-made burgers. Whatever you do, these super sunny colours will take your good moods to a whole new level. I have put together a potential summer start-up wardrobe entirely made up of brights. I do admit that I am not always the bravest when it comes to colours (yellow, for example, just isn't for me when it comes to tops, t-shirts and blouses) but I have always been hugely into bright pinks and I think I am going to mix it up a little with a pair of orange shorts, yellow jeans and a green T and satchel. I am also all set to paint my nails in all kinds of bright pink and orange shades, maybe even mixing pink and orange together (looks very cute!). Are you ready for a bright summer??

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