17 May 2012

Summer Colours #2

You may remember my previous post about this year's summer being all about colours. However, if you're not into the kind of super bright clothes and accessories I picked out, there is a perfect alternative for you: pastels!! Mint greens, pale yellows and pinks, corals as well as lilacs couldn't be more broadly represented in shops of both high street and designer (particularly Zara and Topshop seem to be all over it). I am deeply in love with pastels, particularly because my relatively pale skin works better with pale shades rather than bright colour bombs. I have taken some time to pick a number of favourite pastel wardrobe necessities and accessories to share with you here. On my to-buy-list there is a mint pair of denim trousers, essie's lilacism for my toe nails, coral espadrilles and those cute stripy lilac shorts (see below).

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