28 May 2012

Very Berry Lemonade

1) Pour a little red syrup or squash into your glass. 2) Add frozen berries (I had a mix of blue-, rasp-, blackberries as well as blackcurrant).
After last week's post about the blueberry cubes I thought why not use frozen berries instead of ice cubes straight away?! That way you can nibble fruit while your enjoying your delicious ice cold drink (the berries defrost pretty quickly once they're in the water). You really only need 3 ingredients for this very berry lemonade (syrup or squash, berries and water), it really tastes nice and is super chilled thanks to the frozen berries. No extra ice needed. Yum and cheers to summer!

3) Add sparkling water (or still). 4) Stir everything and add a straw and spoon (to nibble berries while enjoying your drink).

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