30 Jun 2012

Zesty Citrus

Topshop Pleat Dress - H&M Satin Dress - french connection Crepe Dress
Summer and citrus fruit go together really well because one is hot and the other is refreshing. I love making my own sugar reduced lemonade (recipe here) and eating a grapefruit every so often. Unfortunately in our latitudes we only get quality citrus fruit during winter, but if you want to look zesty and refreshing in summer too, you should check out these hand-picked dresses.
H&M Belted Dress - french connection Beading Dress Topshop Bandeau Dress 

Mango Open Back Dress - Zara Cut Out Dress - Mango Pleated Dress

Mango Straight Cut Dress - Urban Outfitters Slit Back Dress - Miss Selfridge Shift Dress

29 Jun 2012

More Glitter

Using the crafts glitter is always fun so I tried out another version of the glitter nail, this time with a more subtle polish but covering the whole ring finger nail instead of simply the tip combined with essie's Chinchilly. To copy my glitter nail, follow these few simple steps:
1) Paint your nails except one and let them dryApply a layer of fast drying topcoat onto the glitter nail.
2)  While the topcoat is still wet, sprinkle the crafts glitter all over it.
3) Dab your finger lightly onto a hard surface or use a small brush to get rid of the extra glitter.
4) After a couple of minutes, apply another layer of topcoat to make your glitter nail long lasting.

28 Jun 2012

Freebie | Fonts

I have picked five of my favourite free fonts to share with you. In my opinion it is essential to mix it up a bit with the old Times New Roman and Arial J They are super easy to install and can be used immediately.
*Click on the photos to be directed to the font.

Back to school... regular. 
Very sweet print handwriting.
Back to school... but in Paris!!!
The letters of this wonderful script join into each other perfectly.
One of my favourites.

27 Jun 2012

Très chic, non?!

I have a new pair of ballerinas and I am sooooo happy with them, particularly because I love bows and patent leather. I discovered these navy darlings by Danish designers Friis & Company on another blog and I absolutely needed to have them. A very lovely and yet classic pair of shoes and super comfortable, too - bonus!

26 Jun 2012

Home Sweet Home #1

Slowly getting there...
Lately, my boyfriend and I have been all about the decorating of our new home. As off yet, pretty much all of the rooms are still work in progress at the very early stages; but we are getting there. 
Last weekend, we were looking at wallpapers (as we want a feature wall to make it more interesting). We also started buying a few accessories to liven up the place but were yet uncertain how to avoid having it all blue and white.
A few months ago we fell in love with this round Tom Dixon copper pendant lamp and the Case Metropolis Sofa which started off the project 'living room'. The coffee table is still a relic from the old house and will probably be exchanged for another model soon. Otherwise we are getting our mood board together. 
Joe really wanted this blue Bertoia Diamond Chair and I adore the Miss Print dandelion wallpaper. However, it is boring to have everything in white, blue, grey and copper and we are looking for ideas to get a splash of colour and life into the living area - maybe with a great bar trolley or fancy prints and artworks. Any other ideas? xox
Browsing accessories at John Lewis and Heals.

Studying wallpaper samples by Miss Print.

25 Jun 2012

Strawberry Season

Do you know how much fun it is to go to a strawberry field and to pick loads of those deliciously red berries yourself? Well, if you haven't done it yet then I strongly suggest you do because you don't only get super fresh strawberries that smell deliciously juicy, usually you're allowed to eat as many strawberries as you can while on the field (pick 1 kilo, eat 2). Other bonuses include: only getting the ones that you REALLY want (big, round and red) and paying moderate prices. My strawberry pickings went into strawberry sorbetstrawberry milkshake, and a strawberry-custard-tart.

24 Jun 2012

Style Crush | Olivia Palermo

If I have to name one person on the planet whose style I consider 100% perfect, it would have to be Olivia Palermo. Ever since she chopped off her long girly locks, she has looked so refreshingly grown-up, stylish and confident that I tried out this transforming hair cut myself and went from very long, to medium short/long. It does make a difference and there have only been few occasions when I regretted my decision. Here are a few key looks that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and that literally everyone can wear every day!!!

Photos: Pinterest

21 Jun 2012

Polka Dots

I love polka dots: dresses, tops, accessories, everything!!! Here my nails dress up in their most pretty polka dot summer dresses and they really like them. Very cute and super special. Particularly like the colour combination of gold, mint and pink is adorable.

1) Paint your nails in one colour, let dry completely. Choose your dot colours and get a drop of each ready.
2) Dip and dot with your dotting tool until you've had enough. Varnish drops dry quickly, so hurry!
3) Apply a layer of topcoat for a smooth finish and long lastingness of the look. So pretty!

essie marshmallow, good as gold, status symbol, mint candy apple, good to go (topcoat)

20 Jun 2012


I know Birkenstock are not the prettiest and most fashionable shoe in the world, but after a long day at work (I stand up all the time = the pains of my student job) they are a true relief for my hurting feet and legs. I even have a black patent leather pair of Birkenstock which I actually find quite pretty and sometimes wear paired with skinny jeans and a casual T for running errands. Well, I do also have a white pair; don't ask me why on earth I bought nurse-like shoes, I'm puzzled myself. However, thanks to my colourful nail varnish collection and a few office gadgets, I managed to prettify them a little.

19 Jun 2012

Chocolate Dipped Biscotti

200g whole almonds
3 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
300g all-purpose flour
150g sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
200g dark chocolate

1) Preheat oven to 180° C. Place the almonds on a tray and roast for 10 minutes in the oven. Let cool and then chop coarsely.
2) Reduce oven temperature to 150° C and line a baking tray with parchment paper.
3) Whisk the eggs with the vanilla and almond extracts.
4) In a separate bowl mix the flour, the sugar, baking powder and salt. Add the chopped almonds and the egg mixture and stir until a dough forms. Add more flour if it is too sticky. 
5) Divide the dough in half, and roll each half into an 20cm log that is about 10cm wide. Transfer them onto the baking tray and bake for about 25-30 minutes. I probably baked mine a little too long (first try) and it was quite crumbly when chopped; so don't be afraid to take it out while it's still soft-ish with a relatively firm crust. Remove from oven and let cool. 
6) Move the baked loafs to a chopping board and, using a sharp knife, cut them diagonally into about 1cm thick slices, transfer them onto the baking tray and bake again for 15 minutes on either side (max. 30 in total, turn over at half time). Remove from oven and let cool.
7) For Chocolate Dipped biscotti: Melt the dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Dip the baked biscotti into the melted chocolate and leave on a baking tray (in the fridge) for the chocolate to harden.

18 Jun 2012

Glitter Nail

I discovered this very special glittery manicure here and really wanted to try it out ever since.
1) Find yourself a nail varnish and a topcoat (additionally I always also use a base coat) and paint your nails in the colour + sealer.
2) Get your glitter and puff some onto a piece of paper. Apply a little more topcoat onto the tip of the glitter nail to-be.
3) Dip a separate brush into the topcoat and then into the glitter and start applying to the glitter nail until you're satisfied.
4) Wait until dried a little and apply a last layer of topcoat. Done!

17 Jun 2012

Style Crush: Carrie Bradshaw

Remember the good old days of Sex and the City on television? Admittedly, I am a huge fan but the recent big screen SatC movies weren't exactly overwhelmingly good. Back in the 2000s, I impatiently waited for each new episode of Sex and the City to come out and there are no words to describe how much I wanted to be in New York with an unlimited budget, going shopping ALL DAY LONG only stopping for the occasional meal, coffee or sweet treat.
A lot of the things that Carrie wore back then are a little outdated now (the series started in the 90s after all and although 90s clothes might be hipster-ish but it was/is not my favourite fashion decade). There are, however, some iconic looks that Carrie managed to pull of like no-one else: the tutu, celebrating New Years in a pyjama, wearing black bras with white blouses and layering a whole waggonload full of pearl necklaces and so on.
I always hoped that watching SatC and seeing how Carrie goes about town would induce me with a little extra confidence to mix and match pieces that I wouldn't usually combine or to try out new things. I'd like to think it worked at least a litte...

Photos Pinterest.

16 Jun 2012

Step by Step: Cushion

1) Measure your cushion (mine is 40x40cm) and add 1cm seam allowance on each of the 4 sides to your total; for me that would be 42x42cm. I didn't have a zip at hand and decided on a hotel or flap closure so I cut out 2 additional pieces à 28x42cm and 23x42cm.
2) Take the two additional, smaller pieces and fold over 1cm along the longer (42cm) edge of each of them. Iron the edge to keep it in place.
3) Now that you have a clean edge, fold over again, this time 3cm along the longer edge of each piece. Iron again.
4) If you want your hotel closure to be 'hidden' add lace or zig-zag ribbon to the outside edge of the fold that will be on top of the other and attach with needles.
5) Sew the lace ribbon onto the edge as well as the folded area onto the back of the fabric with an additional seam (this one will be slightly visible on the outside of the cushion so make sure to sew a straight line). One the piece of fabric without the lace ribbon simply sew the folded bit onto the rest along the folded inside edge. This will stop the 1cm fold from coming undone again and the cotton edge from unravelling.
6) Place the 3 pieces of fabric on to of each other, outside in, and make sure that the smaller decorated bit is placed onto the larger piece first, underneath the undecorated piece, to make sure that your hotel fold works out the right way.
7) Secure everything with needles and sew all the way around the entire cushion.
Don't be afraid of accessorizing your cushions a little to make them exactly as you like them.
Tadaaaa!! Finished!!

15 Jun 2012

Mad Men Mania

With the Season 5 finale now been and gone, I have had to reach for my Mad Men literature to delve in the fashion fabulousness of the 50s and 60s once again. We no longer drink, smoke and are subjugated by men at work and I'm very thankful at least for some of that, but watching Mad Men is always an immense pleasure. The Mad Men Illustrated World is a bit of a gimmick but quite fun with a few hilarious features such as Viva Bouffant (see Betty's hair do below) and Joan paper dolls. The Fashion File is a wonderful guide to fashion across the centuries, including a ton of helpful fashion and accessory advice, beautiful illustrations and charts as well as a 'Cocktail Chatter' section after each chapter. Superb buy!!! Now you just have to take the Mad Men quiz, find out which mad men you are and pick yourself a dress (below) for the next Mad Men cocktail party!

french connection Sadie Jersey Dress - Joan Harris - french connection Samantha Stretch Dress

Topshop Bluebell Embroidered Dress - Betty Francis (then Draper and the Bouffant) - Topshop Crochet Shirtdress
Goldie Dasha Dress - Peggy Olson - Anna Greenabelle Jacqueline Dress
french connection Rachel Silk Flared Dress - Megan Draper - french connection Hot Fuzz Scoop Dress

Topshop Check Lattice Floral Sun Dress - Trudy Campbell - Topshop Vintage Lace Dress
Mad Men Photos © amctv

14 Jun 2012

Delicious Tiramisu

Enjoy with a delicious Espresso!*
Hands down: Who doesn't like it? Not many people can actually say no to this amazing Italian dessert. Here goes my recipe:
500g mascarpone
3 egg yolk
3 egg white
100g icing sugar
200g sponge fingers
250ml Espresso or strong coffee
2cl Amaretto (optional)
cocoa powder

1) Line a shallow dish with sponge fingers. I usually use the sugary side of the biscuits as my 'base' to get a slightly crunchy bottom crust. 
2) Use a spoon or brush to soak them with the espresso/coffee and optional Amaretto (or coffee liqueur) for 'grown-up' tiramisu. 
3) Whisk together egg yolk and half of the icing sugar until smooth. Add the mascarpone and whisk again.
4) Beat the egg white until stiff while gradually adding the other half of the icing sugar to the egg whites (while your beating them). Fold the egg whites into the mixture with a spatula.
5) Pour the mascarpone mixture onto the soaked sponge fingers, cover with cling film and leave to cool for several hours (preferably over night).
6) To serve cover the tiramisu with a thick layer of cocoa powder. Yum!!!

13 Jun 2012

Lovely Roses

One of the many positive aspects about spring and summer is that there are flowers again everywhere and their beautiful colours are so inspirational for decorating, shopping and nails that I simply couldn't resist: after browsing The Beauty Department's website and going for a photo shoot at a beautiful local rose garden, I figured why not get the whole rosiness onto my nails, too?!? Thanks to hole reinforcement stickers, this cute manicure only takes patience, quality nail varnish and a top coat to finish off the look. Do you have any summer manicure suggestions for me? Let me know!! xox
Nail varnish all Essie: Eternal Optimist, Cute as a Button, Forever Yummy
Photos by Quatre Saisons Fotografie

Rose photo: Pinterest

12 Jun 2012

Five Things

Breakfast Express made up of egg cup, toast rack and salt and pepper cellar.
... that I want for my kitchen cause they are cool. I have told you before that I LOVE shopping things for the home and the kitchen especially although I'm not even a very passionate chef. I simply like it when there is a number of fancy accessories around which up the ante and make the whole experience more fun, even for a lazy 'kitchenette' like me. After all, who wants to live in a boring home, right?!? Here are five things I discovered browsing the web and they are certainly worth considering!
Joseph Joseph Original Index Style Chopping Board.

Pantry Labels by love mae

Chalkboard Spice Jars by Anthropologie in red, blue, green and yellow.

Sagaform Blossom Teapot by Scandinavian Brand Cloudberry Living.