9 Jun 2012

Clinique Chubby Stick

Have you noticed them, too? These wonderfully bright and fresh-looking Clinique adverts everywhere? Well, I have for a while now and I was wondering what the whole jelly-cubes-lippie-pen-thing is all about and so I bought one at the airport the other day. I love pinks and really struggled deciding between Whoppin' Watermelon, Chunky Cherry and Super Strawberry but eventually opted for the last. Here is what it looks like and I must say it's a nice lipstick with a very moisturising effect. I am even considering getting Chunky Cherry as well, now that I had a taste of it. Downside: the colour tastes a bit listicky, I was expecting some kind of fruity flavour but then maybe that's just my girly expectation of make-up
Click on me for the bigger picture!!

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