15 Jun 2012

Mad Men Mania

With the Season 5 finale now been and gone, I have had to reach for my Mad Men literature to delve in the fashion fabulousness of the 50s and 60s once again. We no longer drink, smoke and are subjugated by men at work and I'm very thankful at least for some of that, but watching Mad Men is always an immense pleasure. The Mad Men Illustrated World is a bit of a gimmick but quite fun with a few hilarious features such as Viva Bouffant (see Betty's hair do below) and Joan paper dolls. The Fashion File is a wonderful guide to fashion across the centuries, including a ton of helpful fashion and accessory advice, beautiful illustrations and charts as well as a 'Cocktail Chatter' section after each chapter. Superb buy!!! Now you just have to take the Mad Men quiz, find out which mad men you are and pick yourself a dress (below) for the next Mad Men cocktail party!

french connection Sadie Jersey Dress - Joan Harris - french connection Samantha Stretch Dress

Topshop Bluebell Embroidered Dress - Betty Francis (then Draper and the Bouffant) - Topshop Crochet Shirtdress
Goldie Dasha Dress - Peggy Olson - Anna Greenabelle Jacqueline Dress
french connection Rachel Silk Flared Dress - Megan Draper - french connection Hot Fuzz Scoop Dress

Topshop Check Lattice Floral Sun Dress - Trudy Campbell - Topshop Vintage Lace Dress
Mad Men Photos © amctv

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