29 Jun 2012

More Glitter

Using the crafts glitter is always fun so I tried out another version of the glitter nail, this time with a more subtle polish but covering the whole ring finger nail instead of simply the tip combined with essie's Chinchilly. To copy my glitter nail, follow these few simple steps:
1) Paint your nails except one and let them dryApply a layer of fast drying topcoat onto the glitter nail.
2)  While the topcoat is still wet, sprinkle the crafts glitter all over it.
3) Dab your finger lightly onto a hard surface or use a small brush to get rid of the extra glitter.
4) After a couple of minutes, apply another layer of topcoat to make your glitter nail long lasting.


  1. Love the neutral colour with the glitter. Where's the engagement ring? ;) Would fit perfecly with this as a highlighting eyecatcher.

    1. It's not planned yet...

    2. Was just guessing, as you have a pinterest board for this topic, too. :)