1 Jun 2012


Hello peeps! I am going away for a little while and you'll have to put up with me not posting new articles every day. I know you'll miss me sorely J However, I will be all over the Queen's Jubilee Weekend - baking, decorating, celebrating and a little shopping - so I'll update you on all the lovely things I'll be doing to make the weekend as fabulous as possible. Yay!!! xox


  1. Have a safe journey and a great stay in London! The Queen´s Diamond Jubilee is surely an awesome specatcle. Just found out that Twinings is doing a special edition for the celebartion, absolutely adorable. Perhaps you´d like to check out :o) http://shop.twinings.co.uk/shop/diamond-jubilee-tea-blend/diamond-jubilee-loose-leaf-tea-blend-pink.html

  2. Thank you Jasmin! I'll make sure to check out the tea. x