16 Jun 2012

Step by Step: Cushion

1) Measure your cushion (mine is 40x40cm) and add 1cm seam allowance on each of the 4 sides to your total; for me that would be 42x42cm. I didn't have a zip at hand and decided on a hotel or flap closure so I cut out 2 additional pieces à 28x42cm and 23x42cm.
2) Take the two additional, smaller pieces and fold over 1cm along the longer (42cm) edge of each of them. Iron the edge to keep it in place.
3) Now that you have a clean edge, fold over again, this time 3cm along the longer edge of each piece. Iron again.
4) If you want your hotel closure to be 'hidden' add lace or zig-zag ribbon to the outside edge of the fold that will be on top of the other and attach with needles.
5) Sew the lace ribbon onto the edge as well as the folded area onto the back of the fabric with an additional seam (this one will be slightly visible on the outside of the cushion so make sure to sew a straight line). One the piece of fabric without the lace ribbon simply sew the folded bit onto the rest along the folded inside edge. This will stop the 1cm fold from coming undone again and the cotton edge from unravelling.
6) Place the 3 pieces of fabric on to of each other, outside in, and make sure that the smaller decorated bit is placed onto the larger piece first, underneath the undecorated piece, to make sure that your hotel fold works out the right way.
7) Secure everything with needles and sew all the way around the entire cushion.
Don't be afraid of accessorizing your cushions a little to make them exactly as you like them.
Tadaaaa!! Finished!!

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