1 Jun 2012

Union Jack Nails

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Step 1: Find yourself a red, blue and white nail varnish. Paint your Union Jack Nail in blue and the others in either red, white or blue - whichever you like best. Step 2: Take a piece of scotch tape and paint a large area in red and another one in white. Let the nails and the tape dry. Step 3: Cut the white tape into stripes (you'll need 4) and the red tape into slightly slimmer stripes (again, you'll need 4). Step 4: Apply first the white and then the red stripes onto your nail in Union Jack manner and finish off with a layer of topcoat.

If you don't want the nail to be too elevated in the middle (from all that tape), you can cut the white stripes in halves and only let one go all the way along your nail, with the others only 'docking' onto the first white stripe. I did it that way, however, all of my red stripes go all the way !!


  1. This looks so amazing :-D
    I'm really jealous!!!
    God save the (nail varnish) queen ;-)