3 Jul 2012

Bella Roma

A few years ago, Joe and I spent a long October weekend in Rome and just today I thought how much fun it was walking the streets of this very old city where every corner is so rich with history that it gives you chills. I would go back for another vacation any time. My traveller's tips to everyone who is contemplating going to Rome: [1] Ditch the heels. There are cobble stones everywhere and you'll just get stuck, plus you'll be doing a lot of walking so comfy shoes or ballet flats are necessary. [2] Eat as much ice cream and pizza as you can. Particularly the gelato is a dream!! [3] Buy a Roma Pass because you will get reduced rates for all major museums and be able to use public transport for free. [4] The Rome Metropolitana only has 2 lines and it's hot, smelly and crammed - avoid if possible! Buses and trams are the better alternative and you get to see some of the city, too.
We spent 3 full days in the Italian capital and this is what we did:
Day 1: Visit St. [A] Peter's Basilica (climb up the 'cupola' for amazing views over the city and the piazza) - [B] Castello S. Angelo + museum - 
[C] Spanish Step (always so busy but very lovely) - [D] Trevi Fountain (equally busy but amazing fountain).

Totally breathtaking view once you're all the way up on the Basilica's dome.

Day 2: [A] Vatican Museum (expect long queues or go early in the morning) - 
[B] Piazza di Venezia (where Berlusconi used to do business.. or party) - [C] Pantheon (including the tomb of Raphael).

à Routing my seem awkward but walking around is the best thing you can do in the city. You discover the best ice cream places!!!!

Day 3: [A] Capitolini Museum (including the Capitoline Wolf telling the founding of Rome) - 
[B] Forum Romanum - [C] Colosseum (you can buy joint tickets for the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum, both an absolute must) - 
[D] Circus Maximus (none of the ancient 'glamour' is left) - my personal highlight: [E] La Bocca della Verità (with Audrey in Roman Holiday).

According to medieval legend, this statue will bite off your hand if you tell lies with your hand in its mouth, i.e. ancient lie detector.

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