31 Jul 2012

Blog Love July

Recently I discovered ad swapping among bloggers and I love the concept of getting to know new blogs and their creators, helping each other in increasing one's audience and inspiring each other through the many wonderful posts. Meet my first 3 lovely July sponsors:

Melanie from My Billie posts regularly about her life, food, arts and crafts, fashion and home inspiration. I love how she almost always adds a load of wonderful photos. Melanie is 23 and lives in Jackson, MS. If you want to get to know her more closely, simply start reading her blog.

This is how you can follow her: 

Jennifer from Earl Grey writes mini inspirational posts, constantly finds new lovely things on the internet, takes wonderful photos and has an etsy shop with a ton of sweet, vintage inspired things. Jennifer is a recent college graduate in pursuit of her dream job (her words), as well as a passionate photographer and thrifter.

This is how you can follow her: 

Violet from the Blythe Ponytail Parades makes wonderful photos, collages, craftsy and foody things. Reading her blog is a true pleasure. She has also created the best gif I have ever seen (below). Violet is 23 years old, lives in Indianapolis with her husband Grant and her puppy Marhsmallow. God is the most important part of her life.
This is how you can follow her beside the blog: Facebook / Flickr / Twitter / Pinterest


  1. Oh yay thanks so much for doing this feature! The layout looks great : ) I'm actually in the process of doing one with you in it! It'll be up in an hour or so!

    My Billie

    1. My pleasure! Reading your blog is fun so why not share the love, right!?

  2. Loving your blog! Xo