1 Jul 2012

Home Sweet Home #2

The second area that is gradually looking more and more chic is the small dining area in between the kitchen and the living room (floor plan coming next time). Joe has always been very passionate about getting original Eames Eiffel fibre glass chairs for the dining area and while he was browsing the local antiques shops, he also happened to find a Saarinen dining table and brought it home. One by one the chairs got together and now the little quartet + table is complete (the yellow is my favourite because it's a perfect colour spot). The only thing that is still missing is a pendant lamp because currently we only have the bare light bulb dangling above the table. Below you can see the Top 3, but which one will it be?


  1. Can't decide, yet the last one looks like the bare light bulb stuck in a fishbowl :)

  2. We have a similar lamp shade like your favorite one in the kitchen. Its from ikea. Let me tell you the little riffles in combination with cooking steams aren't that easy to clean. Would pick that for our new home. But love the shape!