7 Jul 2012

Home Sweet Home #3

Our home with the help of the Room Planner.
So here you have it, the floor plan of our little home on the twelfth floor of a newly built house overlooking London. The bathroom was Joe's first project and together with his brother he completely changed the look of it. It went from plain white to luxury. First I thought the new grey marble tiles would be too dark for a small bathroom with no daylight, but it turned out just fine thanks to a huge mirror all over the wall above the sink and many light accessories. The living and dining areas are still work in progress. The bedroom will be the next project and I really want it to be a cosy and peaceful room - one where sleeping actually relaxes after a long day or week at work. The second bedroom will be a study, guest bedroom and walk-in wardrobe at the same time and I am allowed to be as creative as I like (girly accessories allowed). I cannot wait to finally move and get properly started with the 'project house'.

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