17 Jul 2012

Mo Bros

Yay!!! Moustache Party! All you need to do for your own moustaches to go (which make seriously cool props for photos) is to follow my very simple steps. You'll need brown cardboard and felt, glue, scotch tape, wooden sticks, scissors and a pen. You can get a variety of great patterns here to choose your perfect mo match.


  1. Oh, how I love the stache everything: prints\patterns, mugs, tees, etcetera! I was working on a stache tote last month. You've reminded me I need to finish the other side! -Jessica


  2. What camera app are you using for these? It's so cute! Thanks! Bridgett

    1. I am using a regular compact digital camera as I'm clearly not a pro ;) and then I'm using free photoscape editing software to make collages and edit my photos.