16 Jul 2012

My Nail Routine

Since I have shown you so many different colourful manicures already, I thought I should also do a post on how I look after my nails. There are a lot of ways to do this with a huge variety of different products. However, I always use the same and this is how it goes:

[1] I 'wash' my hands using a hand peeling which I massage in all over my hands and fingers. This usually takes 3-5 minutes. My hands feel super soft and smooth afterwards.
[2] I use a cuticle softener pen and gel to remove, or rather push back my cuticles. I am not a fan of cutting away my cuticles completely because I feel it looks a bit unnatural on me and it will grow back anyway so pushing them back will do for me.
[3] Before applying a nail varnish, I use essie's Nourish Me base coat with one layer on each nail. This strengthens my nails and protects them from discolouring by the actual varnish, particularly if it is quite dark or intense.
[4] Once the base coat has dried, I almost exclusively use essie nail varnish these days and I usually apply 2 layers of the one I pick.
[5] Afterwards I use essie's Good to Go topcoat which makes my manicure dry very quickly, it is super shiny, and long lasting. I usually apply the topcoat about a minute after I applied the regular polish. It won't be completely dry yet but the topcoat seals it without ruining the yet wet top layer of the polish.

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  1. Love it, I'm liking that hand peeling thingie and cuticle softener!