5 Jul 2012

Sale Top Dilemma

Have you ever browsed the sale and found something that you really liked? And then it was only available in impossibly big or tiny sizes? Well, I have. The other day I found a top at Mango which was reduced to only 10 quid and I thought it looked so pretty with its pastel stripes and lightweight, floaty fabric. However, the only one left was an XL and that is definitely too big for me :( No need to be upset I figured, bought it anyway and today I took it in a little with just a few simple steps and *tadaa* now it's a perfect summer top.

1) First I put the top on (inside out) and measured how much I needed to take off.
2) I took off the top and fixated my new side seams (both sides) with needles and tried the top on once more to see if I had measured it correctly (*ouchie* needle alarm).
3) I sewed along my needles and parallel to the original side seam on either side of the top. I repeated this step for a long lasting result.
4) Afterwards I cut off the extra fabric on either side of my new seams and tried the top on once more.
5) The cleavage turned out to be a little floppy still (XL ladies are probably supposed to have bigger boobs too) so I took a little off the straps  as well (as described in step 3).
6) I ran down the freshly cut off edges with a zigzag line to stop them from becoming frayed while I'm wearing the top.

I'm really happy with how the top turned out. Although the fabric was a little slippery and my seams aren't always 100% perfect, the little wobbles were invisible once I had turned the top the right way around and tried it on. It's going to be a summer favourite, I'm sure of it.


  1. Woah, so awesome! I wish I was this talented!

    1. Thank you :) that's sweet. It really only takes a sewing machine...

  2. Love it! This is the perfect DIY to show people how easy sewing can be : )