22 Jul 2012

Summer Nails

Today I thought I should share my favourite summer nail colours with you as I believe they make the season much brighter, particularly since the sun hasn't really made its way over to Northern Europe yet. Summer is all about being bright and happy as opposed to winter's gloomy darkness. Reds and pinks are classics all year round but I tend to choose lighter versions for spring and summer and slightly darker variations for winter and autumn. Orange is a nail colour exclusively for summer in my opinion. Pastelly versions of pink and orange like Tart Deco and Lovie Dovie are ideal for people who are uncomfortable with a super bright nail colour explosion. The very light pink, almost white shade is for days on which I don't feel like candy pop nails. The mint and gold always look wonderful on summer toes and really go with almost every shoe and outfit. The fact that they are all essie doesn't mean that I'm advertising for them, simply that I love the colours, textures, brushes and outcomes so much that I hardly use any other brands these days.

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