23 Jul 2012

What to wear in the summer that isn't a summer

Polka Dots.
I don't know how else to put it: I am frustrated. Where is this summer that we have been waiting for for the last 2 (or has it been 3) years??? I still look like a glass of milk, mainly because the 2012 sun and I haven't been introduced yet. It's going to be worse in London still. And just by the by, I don't think I had a tan in 2011 either... 
With the upcoming move and my limited student's budget, I have no means for a beach holiday and I refuse to go tanning. This means I will just have to stay white all year round. Maybe I'll invest in a spray tan one day, but I haven't really researched that yet.
Anyway, my favourite accessories, enabling me to wear my pretty summer dresses despite the chilly temperatures, are tights. Avoiding the super wintery 100den at least, here is my selection of five:

Big hearts.

Anchors. Cool!

Tiny hearts.

House of Holland Union Jack and USA Flag tights. Great for festivals.


  1. oooooo - love those tights! I have a few polka dot tights but def need to get some polka heart tights. AND i've never seen anchor tights - too cool.

    1. Aren't they just!? I love the anchor tights!!

  2. Replies
    1. So special, right!? Never seen them anywhere before!