1 Aug 2012

Excuse Me...

If you are wondering why I'm not doing DIYs, baking, nail art or any of the other creative features, I am still in the process of settling into my new home. Because I haven't got a job yet, hence no income, we have rented out the second bedroom to a lovely South African girl but that means I haven't got a 'private' space yet where I can roam free and be creative. My DIY box is not fully unpacked yet and my sewing machine is still in the post somewhere between Germany and England. So forgive me if my posts are a little more general currently. 


  1. Love this. I will be starting to move into a new home in two weeks and I am so excited! This gif got me a lil' more pumped :]

  2. Ooooo! Good luck to you! I find packing way more difficult than unpacking though. Particularly when it comes to all of those tiny bits and pieces that you only really notice if you have to put them in categorized boxes.