15 Aug 2012

Freebie | Social Media Icons

Pretty social media icons can really upgrade your blog significantly. I always find it much nicer if there are some special icons in the side bar rather than the custom symbols of the usual social media platforms. On Carrie Loves you can find the above round icons (a total of 12 symbols in 15 different colours) which are easy to download and resizeable (I say that cause they are pretty big originally)! On Her New Leaf you can find the squarey icons below (10 icons in 5 different colours) which are also pretty easy to download.

If you don't like the above choices, you can always just make your own social media buttons. Simply follow the tutorial by Ashton on Something Swanky. I found it to be quite an easy process, however, I did have some trouble finding all social media vector silhouettes that I wanted to have so I had to be a little creative. Bloglovin' is now 'stached on my blog. Below you can see the 3 different social media sets I created on picmonkey (currently I am using the first).


  1. Love these simple icons from Carrie Loves! I am actually using the mint colored ones right now. But, I really like your coral & white scalloped ones too!

  2. Thanks for this! But where could I find a basic Instagram one (like the one you have-- i.e., minus the purple background or just the actual silhouette)? I've tried to look for it everywhere but to no avail :|. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Annie,if you search for 'Instagram Logo' on Google, you will find a few black/whites ones like this one: http://www1.pcmag.com/media/images/295441-instagram-logo.jpg You'll need a photo editor to turn it into a silhouette without background. Hope that helps.

    2. Thanks so much May! I like that one actually, so I'll be sure to work on it.