3 Aug 2012

Happy Shopping

So.... as you know I now live in London and it is very hard to be here and not go shopping at all. Yesterday I went into town and got a few lovely things despite my small budget. Luckily the sale is still on although stock is very selected and limited in the sale ranges now. First I went to one of my favourite shops ever: Cath Kidston. I got an ironing board cover because my boyfriend's ironing board only has a very thin cover and if something with a darker colour is ironed, it often ends up with the board's metal pattern on it. To prevent that from happening and to protect our clothes, I scored this pretty one for just 12. A little at-the-till-impulse-buy were the red bow hair pins which are just super cute. As a special Olympics gift I was given a soft Oyster card holder and a lucky discount scratch card. At Zara Home I got a sweet wooden bowl for my jewellery and at Anthropologie I found a really sweet bow hair tie.

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