4 Aug 2012

Preparing for the Olympics

As I told you before, Joe and I are the proud owners of Olympic tickets. We'll be going to see the men's 3m diving next week and everything is ready for a very memorable experience. 1) I went to John Lewis' official London 2012 shop and bought Team GB fan gear. Some of you will know that I am German (while my boyfriend is British) and that I usually cheer for Germany when it comes to sports events. However, since I am going to the Olympics in London, I thought I should be a Team GB supporter. Obviously I'll carry a few Team GER accessories, too. 2) Our tickets + travelcards. So excited!!!! 3) Blue, white and red nail polish for Team GB support with a hint of gold to indicate what kind of medal we're after! 4) My brother had a really funny idea for a poster that I should take to the Aquatics Centre... I wonder if any of my German speaking readers can figure out what this will say once it's finished!? Everyone else will have it explained on the day.

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